Why It’s Important To Research A Hybrid Before You Buy

Hybrid Cars may seem like a new invention. The buzz over them has gotten quite strong in the past few years, but that is just because the interest has started to grow in hybrid cars. In fact, hybrid cars have been around for centuries and are not just some new invention of the 21st century.

Ever since the early days of automobiles over a hundred years ago, Electric Car Expert s have always been considered to be dull and boring. Oh sure, an electric car expert was fine if you only had a short commute or had to shop at the local grocery and couldn’t get there by foot or bicycle. But they were slow, ugly and hardly more than glorified golf carts.

The newly unveiled Dodge EV is gaining some bragging rights for the company amongst its recent financial troubles. Dodge is still in the development stages for the EV but is putting up some confident numbers stating what the car will be able to achieve. The EV will be capable of going 0-60 in less that 5 secs with a 13 sec quarter mile time and a top speed of 120 mph. If all of this holds true the Dodge EV is looking to possibly serve as an affordable competitor to the Tesla Roadster.

This car design has already won numerous awards. The Tesla motor company has acquired about 600 orders for this amazing sports car. Many of the orders have come from actors and politicians wanting to make a statement about conservation. Just imagine driving a car that you never have to fill with gasoline. Just pull it into your garage, plug it in and by morning you are ready to go!

Toyota showed off a new RAV4 EV electric variant with technology gained from their joint venture with Tesla. They also showed off the 2011 Corolla and well….sorry I just dozed off there for a second. What was I saying?

I’m not sugar coating the Chinese built (yup, it’s shipped from China) Xebra nor am I going to shoot it down. It is not a safe car – that much is true, but there are some people and places that could find a use for a vehicle that runs so clean and cheaply. I’m told that the folks at Zap are going to introduce a beefy all electric street machine that will blow everyone away, it’s called the “Alias.” It’s on their website.

Now what if you could convert the same car for under $500? You can get the same power and range for a little over 5% of what you would spend on a kit project with no additional work.

Hybrids and electric vehicles seem poised to thrive in China, whose population will otherwise demand massive quantities of gasoline as the number of people who can afford a car grows. The company that can dominate the market for fuel efficient or electric cars seems poised to be a big winner, and that will please environmentalists concerned about China’s growing carbon footprint.

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Why It’s Important To Research A Hybrid Before You Buy

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